Civil Rights Resources

Nondiscrimination statement (required)

Federal law requires the nondiscrimination statement to appear on any bulletins, announcements, publications, catalogs, application forms, websites or other recruitment materials that are made available to participants, students, applicants, or employees.

Micro nondiscrimination statement stickers

Short nondiscrimination statement stickers

Full nondiscrimination statement inserts


Accessibility statements

Events (suggested):

For more information, or to make an accommodation request at least five days in advance of this event, please contact [office or agent] at [phone number and email] for assistance. 

Website accessibility notice (suggested):

If you have difficulty accessing the information on this website due to a disability, please contact the web administrator at [contact email and phone number].

UA notice of web accessibility (required):

UA is committed to providing accessible websites. Learn more about UA’s notice of web accessibility.