Transportation and parking

An accessible shuttle for use by students, faculty and staff is scheduled on a priority basis for students who have mobility disabilities. Students requiring door to door pick up are required to present supporting Medical Documentation when registering with our office. The shuttle bus transports eligible UAF students between UAF facilities. However, community buses are accessible and stop on campus as well.

Shuttle Dispatch phone: 907-474-7433 (RIDE)
Hours: 7:15 am- 10:30pm

Please visit Facilities Services Shuttle Bus for detailed information on campus and city transportation.


Each parking lot at UAF is ADA compliant and contains the correct percentage of accessible parking spaces. The UAF campus map contains a legend with an icon indicating the location of the accessible parking spaces. Please note that all parking on campus requires payment of a parking fee. For information regarding fees and stickers, please go to UAF Parking Services.

For those requiring a permanent handicap parking permit contact the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles, visit the State of Alaska DMV Disabled Parking FAQ or call 907-474-7275 for questions.

For temporary permits for campus use only, contact UAF Parking at 907-474-7275. Please note that Medical Documentation is still required to obtain a temporary parking pass. 

Please see UAF Parking Services for further information.

Winter accessibility

From mid-September to the end of April the UAF campus experiences snow and ice. The conditions may pose particular challenges to individuals with mobility or visual impairments. We encourage students to discuss potential issues with our office, so that we can do our best to assist with safe routes and priority snow removal. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if their is an issue.