Reporting a concern

Please report any behaviors or situations that may impact a student’s safety or their ability to be successful at UAF, as well as any behavior or situations that may threaten the safety of the UAF community. Common reportable behaviors and situations include:

  • Loss of a family member or friend
  • Sudden changes to self-care routines or hygiene
  • Threatening or intimidating behavior
  • Disruptive classroom behavior
  • Emotional distress, such as anxiety or depression
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Prolonged illness or injury
  • Hospitalization
  • Loss of reality and/or disjointed thinking
  • Isolation from peers
  • Excessive absence from class or activity

Early intervention is essential in assisting students. If you are unsure whether or not the behavior rises to the level of the Student Care process, simply report your concerns.  We would rather offer resources to a student who is not struggling, than for a struggling student to remain unsupported.

Please complete the form linked below to report a concern. If you have any questions or any additional insights that were not covered in the form, please contact the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability.