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As an active artist, Dr. Jaunelle Celaire will provide the highest training and knowledge in vocal technique and performance for you. The UAF Celaire Voice Studio consists of music majors and minors who study voice performance, music education, and even other non-music degrees. The Celaire studio experiences countless opportunities to perform being a part of a smaller department. They also participate in Opera Workshop, Choir of the North, countless other ensembles, and often tour Alaska recruiting for the UAF Department of Music. Dr. Celaire will prepare you for your successful career as a voice teacher and/or performer.

Voice Studio – Dr. Jaunelle Celaire


Dr. Jaunelle Celaire

Dr. Jaunelle Celaire

Professor of Voice Conductor, Choir of the North


Fine Arts 215

Lyric-soprano, Jaunelle Roberta Celaire enjoys a musical career as a teacher, soloist, conductor and performer.

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