UAF Music Students

Raising the bar for a music degree

UAF offers a full range of music degree programs that prepare for successful careers performing and teaching music. Our students will be enriched by the diversity of their peers, the artistry and scholarship of the faculty, and the resources of the University at large. The University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Music reflects the diverse and rich culture of Alaska with a heritage of artistic and academic excellence. The Department also develops musicians and educators ready to become tomorrow's cultural leaders—those who will help shape the course of music not only in Alaska, but nationally and worldwide.

Admission Auditions

Undergraduate auditions for admission as a music major in Fall 2020 will be held on Friday, February 28, 2020. All students must pass an audition before declaring a music major. A new student may be allowed to take music classes in the fall with the understanding that they will audition the next semester for formal admission as a music major.


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