Funding Agency Issues

Why won't the Office of Grant and Contract Administration (OGCA) release my new funding until the IACUC has approved my protocol?

When OGCA receives and award letter they work with the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) to determine if there are any compliance issues associated with the award.  When the scope of work appears to include work with live vertebrates (animals) they have to verify that the IACUC has approved the work before any grant funds can be expended for animal related work/activities.  Since most PIs use the "just-in-time" review process, release of funds will be delayed until the PI has submitted the IACUC Protocol(s) and received final approval for the work from the IACUC.  If you believe that your proposal does not require IACUC approval, it is your responsibility to provide the necessary information to ORI.  This is easily accomplished by sending an explanation via e-mail, calling, or stopping by the ORI.  This may be done either at the time of proposal submission or once you receive award notification.

The agency I am submitting a proposal to has requested a letter from the IACUC. What do I do?

Most of the time the funding agency is asking for your IACUC approval letter.  However, if they require additional documentation please contact the ORI.  You will need to provide ORI with the UAF grant or proposal number, funding agency, name and contact information for the individual requesting documentation, and the specifics regarding the request.  If you need this letter YOU must request it yourself; funding agencies do not typically contact anyone other than the PI!

Are there situations when my funding agency will be notified about problems with my IACUC protocol?

Yes.  The terms and conditions of most awards require UAF to notify the funding agency whenever something happens that significantly affects the progress on the award.  Such notifications are typically made by the Director of the Office of Grant and Contract Administration.  For example, a PI misses the critical period of time when the proposed study could be done and therefore has to wait until the following year to complete the study. This would have to be reported to the funding agency.  Another time notification is required is whenever there is a serious non-compliance with animal welfare laws, regulations or institutional policies resulting in suspension or revocation of IACUC approval or when animal activities are conducted without IACUC approval.  Notifications to funding agencies and, when necessary, to regulatory agencies of animal welfare issues or lack of IACUC approval are typically made by the ORI on behalf of the Institutional Official.