Requesting Facilities

Animal facilities are unique areas within the University research infrastructure and therefore require specific policies to govern access and use.  These procedures are designed to protect the research animals and to provide an appropriate environment for the conduct of high quality research.

Animal Facility Space Requests

Space in the animal facilities is limited, so it is essential that investigators work closely with the facility manager to ensure that adequate space for housing is available prior to obtaining animals.To request space in facilities, contact the facility manager directly.

Final approval of any space request is contingent on having an approved IACUC protocol in place for the project.

Use of Shared Space

Although animal rooms or suites (BiRD) are typically assigned to a single researcher or research group, there are some areas or rooms within each animal facility that are intended for multiple users. Examples of shared space include the surgery and fume hood rooms. The following are common courtesy rules that should be practiced when using shared space:

  • Do not monopolize the room or equipment. If you need the space at a precise time, for an extended period of time, or for several consecutive days, be sure and provide notice to the other users. This may be done by posting the times on the door or by sign-up sheets.
  • Thoroughly clean the space when done so it is ready for the next user. This includes removing biohazard waste and other trash, mopping the floor, and cleaning all work surfaces.
  • Restock any shared consumables or notify the person responsible for maintaining the supply.
  • Immediately report any unsafe or malfunctioning shared equipment to the animal facility manager.
  • Do not store equipment and supplies in shared areas unless you have been assigned specific drawers, cabinets, shelves, etc. by the facility manager.

Be sure and check with the animal facility manager before adding or modifying shared equipment in a shared space.