Animal Ordering and Disposition

Ordering Live Animals

All animal purchases require the approval of the animal facility manager. UAF specifically prohibits the use of a pro-card to purchase animals; the animal facility manager is the only person exempt from this rule. When requesting the purchase of animals, you must provide a valid university account (fund-org) number for the expenditure to the animal facility manager. Once the animals have been purchased, the animal facilities will bill the designated account. There is no charge mark-up or fee associated with this service; only the actual charges for the animals and shipping will be charged.

UAF personnel may not purchase animals for use in research or teaching activities from pet stores. Exceptions to this policy will only be allowed with approval from the animal facility manager and the IACUC.

Disposition of Animals

Each IACUC protocol specifies what will happen to the animals at the conclusion of the project. Common methods of disposition include transfer to another protocol, transfer to an Animal Husbandry SOP, or euthanasia. Return or release to the wild will only be allowed if it is authorized in the associated State/Federal permit(s). UAF does not typically allow transfer of animals used for research or teaching activities to private individuals or businesses, but will consider it with sufficient justification by the PI.

Disposal of Tissues & Carcasses

All carcasses and waste tissues from animals in UAF Animal Facilities MUST be incinerated. To arrange for incineration or to drop off materials to be incinerated contact the Animal Resource Center, at or 907-474-7020.

Incineration may also be used to dispose of some laboratory biohazardous waste. Call the UAF Hazardous Materials (907-474-5617) to arrange for pick-up of laboratory waste containing biohazards.