Financial Services FAQ

Generally PCN’s are assigned when a job posting is submitted through UAKJobs. Occasionally it can be assigned without a job posting. Search the Active PCN List to see if your department already has one for the specific type of position. If there isn’t one available that matches what you want, fill out the New PCN Request form and submit.

If you know the vendor or student ID# and have access to banner, you can find the requested information by going to FAIVNDH and entering the ID#, then pressing (ctrl + page down). A list of all payments made to that ID# within the last fiscal year will appear. If you are a vendor or you simply don’t see the applicable information, please e-mail Accounts Payable at

Visit the Administrative Access Request Forms section of the forms page for Finance, HR, Student, Accounts Receivable or OnBase access. Submit all Finance and HR access requests to

Student access request forms are to be sent to the Registrar's Office, and Accounts Receivable access may be requested through the Bursar's Office.

UA uses OnBase as the official repository for all UAF records along with many other UAF documents. Each UAF functional area (HR, Finance, Student Services, etc.) uses OnBase for at least some of their records. Many paper documents are now scanned and available to view in OnBase (Budget Revisions, JV's, etc.).

OnBase may be accessed using the Unity Client, Web (Thin) Client, or Thick Client. Please reference the OnBase section of Records Retention and Management for full information and download links.

You can review the current list of unlocated ACH deposits in the FGIGLAC Banner screen. Enter 103010 for the fund and 0773 for the account code and Ctrl-Page Down. You may either scroll through the list or search for the specific amount you are looking for. 

In order to search for an amount, press F7 (this should clear the screen) and tab to the amount box. Here you can enter the full amount you are searching for and press F8. 

Please contact Penny Bales directly if you are unable to find the information you need.

Amounts may vary if fees were applied.

The Direct Pay process is used to reimburse employees for out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the university in situations where a requisition, call number, limited purchase order or a procard purchase were not possible due to abnormal circumstances.

For additional information please visit the "Resources: Direct Pay" section under Accounts Payable.

Complete information regarding the Interactive A/S Data tool, including the tool download link and A&S Webtool Quick Guide, may be found under the Administrative & Support Review page on the OMB website.

Direct deposit for reimbursements or payments that are not payroll is setup through UAOnline. Login to UAOnline, select the "Finance" tab, then "Direct Deposit Services" and finally "First time setup of direct deposit." From here you will need your account number and routing number.