Science Capabilities

Science test conducted from the ship

This is a brief overview of the ship and science systems supported by Sikuliaq.

  • Polar Class 5 ice-capable research vessel
  • Global-class academic research vessel 
  • Support for up to 24 scientists
  • Ship-based laboratories 
  • Oceanographic winches supporting mechanical, electromechanical, and fiber optic electromechanical cables
  • Overboarding  frames, load-handling systems and cranes
  • Seafloor mapping sonars
  • Fisheries sonars 
  • Current-profiling sonars
  • Sub-bottom sonar
  • Precision navigation systems
  • Dynamic position capability 
  • Ice-rated azimuth propulsion
  • Integrated navigation bridge
  • Satellite communications voice/Internet

To learn more about Sikuliaq's science capabilities, shipboard services and cruise planning, see R/V Sikuliaq Science Operations.