Current CMI Projects

High-frequency characterization of the physicochemical parameters of Cook Inlet, Alaska
PI: Amanda Kelley

Measuring wave forces along Alaska’s coastal sea ice
PI: Mark Johnson

Utilization of the under-ice habitat by Arctic cod in the western Arctic Ocean
PI: Franz Mueter

Ocean migration and behavior of steelhead kelts in Alaskan OCS oil and gas lease areas, examined with satellite telemetry
PI: Andrew Seitz

Kelp restoration in the Boulder Patch
PI: Katrin Iken

Evaluating novel assessment approaches for coastal ice seal haulout areas and behavior in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea
PI: Donna Hauser

Surface current analysis of the western Beaufort and Chukchi Seas
PIs: Seth Danielson, Rachel Potter

Graduate Student Projects

Life without ice: climate change and the subsistence communities of St. Lawrence Island
Jenell Larsen-Tempel (PhD student)