J. Andrés López

J. Andrés López

Associate Professor

Fish and Fisheries Genetics
Fish Systematics

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
University of Alaska Museum
Room 44
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6960

Office Hours

W and Th
8:00 – 9:30 a.m.


University of Alabama
B.S. Biology

University of Washington
M.S. Fisheries

Iowa State University
Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
Postdoctorate Fish Molecular Systematics





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Zhang, E., J.L. Cheng, W.H. Shaow, and J.A. López. 2021. Tachysurus lani, a new catfish species (Teleostei: Bagridae) from the Pearl River basin, South China. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 1156: 1–17. http://doi.org/10.23788/IEF-1156

Campbell, M.A., T.J. Buser, M.E. Alfaro, and J.A. López. 2020. Addressing incomplete lineage sorting and paralogy in the inference of uncertain salmonid phylogenetic relationships. PeerJ 8:e9389  https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.9389 

Khalsa, N.S.,  J. Smith, K.A. Jochum, G. Savory, and J.A. López. 2020. Identifying under‐ice overwintering locations of juvenile Chinook Salmon by using environmental DNA. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. https://doi.org/10.1002/nafm.10444

Cyr, A., J.A. López, M.J. Wooller, A. Whiting, R. Gerlach, and T. O'Hara. 2019. Ecological drivers of mercury concentrations in fish species in subsistence harvests from Kotzebue Sound, Alaska. Environmental Research 177:108622. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envres.2019.108622


  • Fish and Fisheries Genetics
  • Fish systematics


Research Overview

The focus of my research is on fish diversity and evolution. I study the systematics (taxonomy and classification) of fishes using a combination of morphology- and gene-based lines of evidence. The goal of this work is to produce accurate and precise information on the nature and geographic distribution of fish biological diversity. In turn, this knowledge provides the foundation for examining other characteristics of evolution (e.g., molecular evolution, timing of diversification and colonization, etc).


Current Research Projects

  • Phylogeography of Lake trout in interior Alaska
  • Population genetics of Arctic lamprey
  • Taxonomic boundaries and population genetics of Alaskan whitefishes
  • Phylogeography of Bering Land Bridge fishes
  • Estimating fish abundance using environmental DNA assays



  • Curator of Fishes, Museum of the North


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