Climate Change

Alaska Ocean Acidification Network moored sensors

Alaska Ocean Acidification Mooring Network

Autonomous observations of ocean acidification (OA) in Alaska coastal seas.

Arctic Ecosystem Integrated Survey
Arctic Kelp Beds in the Beaufort Sea: Detection of Long-Term Change (BOEM)
Changes in Ecosystem Production and Benthic Biodiversity Following the Widespread Loss of an Ecosystem Engineer
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Growth and dispersal of early life history stages of Arctic cod and saffron cod under variable climate forcing

Developing an individual-based model on the growth and dispersal of early life history stages of Arctic cod and saffron cod for the Pacific Arctic

Habitat degradation in kelp forests due to melting glaciers
Long-term monitoring of ecological communities in Kachemak Bay
Map of DBO sites

Ocean Acidification on Distributed Biological Observatory

Ocean acidification on the Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) network in the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean.

CFOS logo Resilience and adaptive capacity of arctic marine systems under a changing climate (RACArctic)
RUSALCA Arctic Food Web Structure and Epibenthic Communities in a Climate Change Context
CFOS logo Synthesis and retrospective analysis of zooplankton communities for assessing the impact of environmental change in the Arctic Ocean
CFOS logo Temperature, phenology, and embryo survival in Western Alaska sockeye salmon populations: the potential for adaptation to a warming world?


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