Ocean Acidification on Distributed Biological Observatory

Project Description

The Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) is a network of rapidly changing and biologically important sites designed as a change detection array from the northern Bering Sea to the Arctic Basin. Since 2010, the DBO has provided a framework to focus and coordinate sampling and analytical efforts that link biological changes to physical drivers in a rapidly changing Arctic. DBO activities have already connected shifts in benthic community biomass to trends in annual sea ice persistence. This project will execute a comprehensive carbonate chemistry assessment of DBO activities. Adding Ocean Acidification to the DBO may not only help to identify important ecosystem vulnerabilities, but may also uncover areas of unexpected resilience.

Project Funding

Amount: $118,225
Start Date: 2017-01-01
End Date: 2019-05-31



Research Team

Brenda Konar

Brenda Konar

Principal Investigator

Associate Dean of Research and Administration; Director of Institute of Marine Science; Director of Coastal Marine Institute; Professor


  • phycology
  • research scuba diving
  • biodiversity
  • monitoring programs
  • nearshore ecology
  • ecosystem change
  • benthic ecology
  • kelp forest ecology

Full Profile
Co-Principal Investigators

Jessica Cross


Research Staff