Courtney 'Court' Pegus

Courtney "Court" Pegus

Ph.D. Student

Marine Ecology


Marine Biology

Biology (Pre-med)



(MS) valuation of pressure and salinity as environmental cues used by postlarval white shrimp litope






Courtney Pegus, MS, Marine Biology is a 2nd year PhD student working with Drs. Shannon Atkinson and Terry Quinn on understanding the effects of warming climates on ice habitats and trophic interactions of apex predators that utilize tidewater glaciers. Part of his doctoral efforts include a multi-disciplinary component that is focused on providing a pathway for minorities and women in marine science and research.


Student Career Goals

Understanding the impacts of changing climates on migratory patterns of white sharks Carcharodon carcharias


  • Hydrographic cues utilized by transient crustaceans for inshore movement



  • PADI
  • GIS
  • Sailing Instructor


Student Internships

  • Institute of ecosystem studies (Millbrook, NY), Biosphere II (Oracle, AZ), Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve (Bethel, MN).


Community Service

  • Courtney P Science extravaganza
  • minorities and women in science and research
  • USEJ project
  • lead-based paint removal in low socio-economic communities



  • Beta Kappa Chi Natural Sciences and Mathematics honor society member
  • Golden Key Honor Society member