Trent Sutton

Trent Sutton

Associate Dean of Academic Programs


Fisheries Conservation
Fisheries Ecology
Fisheries Management

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Arctic Health Research Building 1W02
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7220
907-474-7204 (fax)




Trent Sutton has been a faculty member at UAF since 2007, and previously held faculty positions at Purdue University (2001–2007) and Lake Superior State University (1996-–2001). Over his 22+-year academic career, Trent has secured 60 grants for a total of $14.14 million in funding from state, federal, and industry sources, with $6.36 million coming to him directly as a PI or co-PI and $7.78 million going to other project PIs or co-PIs on these grants. These funded projects have largely been multi-investigator, collaborative initiatives with state, federal, Alaska Native/tribal, and provincial agencies. To date, Trent has completed 32 graduate students (26 M.S. and 6 Ph.D.) and currently has 5 M.S. and 1 doctoral graduate students in his research program. In addition, he has also supervised 75 undergraduate and 8 high school student research projects as a faculty member. He has published 105 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 68 of these publications were coauthored with his undergraduate or graduate students as first author. In addition, Trent has also published four proceedings and four book chapters, and is one of three co-editors of Fisheries Techniques, Third Edition. This book, co-edited with Al Zale and Donna Parrish, is a 21-chapter textbook published by the American Fisheries Society in 2012 and serves as the basis for instruction and research involving fish capture and laboratory sampling techniques and protocols for fisheries students, educators, researchers, and managers. Trent and his graduate students have given 251 oral presentations and posters at state, national, and international scientific meetings and conferences since 2001.




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  • Recruitment dynamics of fishes
  • Fish habitat assessment
  • Population biology and ecology of fishes
  • Trophic ecology and food-web dynamics


Current Research Projects

  • Spawning coho salmon habitat associations in Susitna River tributaries, Alaska (M.S. Student Betsy McCracken: Collaborators: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Species assemblage changes relative to environmental drivers in an Arctic fish community (M.S. Student Justin Priest
  • Collaborators: Hilcorp Alaska, LLC)
  • Bioenergetic assessment of juvenile broad whitefish responses to climate change in the Alaskan Arctic. (M.S. Student Duncan Green
  • Collaborators: Hilcorp Alaska, LLC)
  • Assessment of the distribution, timing, and reproductive biology of spawning capelin in Norton Sound, Alaska. (M.S. Student Kirsten Ressel
  • Collaborators: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation)
  • Growth chronology and aging evaluation of juvenile Arctic cisco in nearshore waters of the Beaufort Sea. (M.S. Student Kyle Gatt
  • Collaborators: Hilcorp Alaska, LLC)
  • Stock assessment of lingcod in Prince William Sound, Alaska (Ph.D. Student Katja Berghaus
  • Collaborator: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Valdez Charter Boat Association)
  • Species discrimination and life history of lampreys in interior Alaska (Collaborators: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Life history and reproductive biology of Pacific and Arctic lampreys in the Susitina River drainage, Alaska (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)



  • Director, Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity (URSA)