Susan Henrichs

Susan Henrichs

Provost Emeritus and Retired Professor

Chemical Oceanography


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Program
Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography

University of Washington
B.S. Chemistry and Chemical Oceanography


Selected Publications

Wang, D., S.M. Henrichs, and L. Guo. 2006. Distributions of nutrients, dissolved organic carbon and carbohydrates in the Western Arctic Ocean. Continental Shelf Research 26:1654–1667.

Henrichs, S.M. 2005. Organic matter in coastal marine sediments. In: A.R. Robinson and K.H. Brink (eds.), The Sea, Volume 13. The Global Coastal Ocean: Multiscale Interdisciplinary Processes. Boston: Harvard University Press, pp. 129–162. 

Smith, S.L., S.M. Henrichs, and T. Rho. 2002. Temporal and spatial variation in the stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic composition of sinking particles and zooplankton over the southeastern Bering Sea shelf. Deep-Sea Research II 49:6031–6050. 

Ding, X., and S.M. Henrichs. 2002. Adsorption and desorption of proteins and polyamino acids by clay minerals and marine sediments. Marine Chemistry 77:225–237.

S. Henrichs, N. Bond, R. Garvine, G. Kineke, and S. Lohrenz. 2000. Coastal Ocean Processes: Transport and Transformation Processes over Continental Shelves with Substantial Freshwater Inflows. Coastal Ocean Processes (CoOP) Report No. 7, University of Maryland Technical Report, UMCES TS-237-00, 131 pp. 

Malone, T., B. Baird, M. Brady, R. Dean, D. Grimes, S. Henrichs, J. Knauss, J. Mooney, Jr., M. Mullin, R. O’Boyle, R. Paine, and L. Rosefeld. 2000. Bridging Boundaries through Regional Marine Research. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 115 pp. 

Alexander, V., S.M. Henrichs, and H.J. Niebauer. 1996. Bering Sea ice dynamics and primary production. Proceedings of the National Institute of Polar Research Symposium on Polar Biology 9:13–25.

Curriculum Vitae