Sarah Mincks

Sarah Mincks (formerly Hardy)

Associate Professor

Biological Oceanography
Marine Biology
Marine Ecology
Marine Invertebrates

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
233 Irving II
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7220

Office Hours

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University of Hawaii
Ph.D. Oceanography

San Francisco State University
M.S. Marine Biology

University of California, Santa Cruz
B.S. Marine Biology




Selected Publications

* = student author

Jones, B.R.,* A. Kelley, and S.L. Mincks. 2021. Changes to benthic community structure may impact organic matter consumption on Pacific Arctic shelves. Conservation Physiology, in press.

Walker, A.M.,* M.B. Leigh, and S.L. Mincks. 2021. Patterns in benthic microbial community structure across environmental gradients in the Beaufort Sea shelf and slope. Frontiers in Microbiology 12:581124.

Mincks, S.L., T.J. Pereira, J. Sharma, A.L. Blanchard, and H.M. Bik. 2021. Composition of marine nematode communities across broad longitudinal and bathymetric gradients in the Northeast Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. Polar Biology 44(1): 85–103.

Whitefield, C.R.,* A.C.M. Oliveira, and S.M. Hardy. 2018. Composition of phytodetrital food resources affects reproductive success in the deposit-feeding sea cucumber, Parastichopus californicus (Stimpson 1857). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 500:1–11.

Sloan, L.M.,* and S.M. Hardy. 2017. Larval biology and environmental tolerances of the king crab parasite Briarosaccus regalis. Journal of Parasitology 103(1): 22–31.

Wedding, L.M., S.M. Reiter, C.R. Smith, K.M. Gjerde, J.N. Kittinger, A.M. Friedlander, S.D. Gaines, M.R. Clark, A.M. Thurnherr, S.M. Hardy, and L.B. Crowder. 2015. Managing mining of the deep seabed. Science 349(6244): 144–145.

Hardy, S.M., C.M. Carr, M. Hardman, D. Steinke, E. Corstorphine, and C. Mah. 2011. Biodiversity and phylogeography of Arctic marine fauna: Insights from molecular tools. Marine Biodiversity 41:195–210. 


  • Benthic ecology
  • Polar marine ecosystems
  • Benthic-pelagic coupling
  • Food webs
  • Sediment microbes
  • Molecular tools


Research Overview

My research touches on a broad range of topics in benthic ecology. I am particularly interested in coupling between pelagic and benthic processes, including how patterns in surface-ocean primary production impact benthic organisms in/on the underlying sediments that depend on flux of detritus from above. For example, how is the nutritional value of phytodetritus changing in time and space, and what are the consequences for benthic deposit feeders? I am also interested in reproduction and life-history strategies of benthic invertebrates, and particularly how diet affects reproductive success. Other research projects apply molecular tools in studying biodiversity, community structure, and patterns of connectivity among benthic communities.


Current Research Projects




CFOS Dean's Recognition Award: Outstanding Advisor, 2020