Kristen Gorman

Kristen Gorman

Research Assistant Professor

Marine Biology

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Office: Irving II 230
Lab: O'Neill 141
Fairbanks, AK 99775



Simon Fraser University
Ph.D. Biological Sciences

Simon Fraser University
M.S. Biological Sciences

Dickinson College
B.S. Biology



Connors, B., M.J. Malick, G.T. Ruggerone, P. Rand, M. Adkison, J.R. Irvine, R. Campbell, and K. Gorman. 2020. Climate and competition shape sockeye salmon population dynamics across the Northeast Pacific Ocean. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 77(6): 943–949.

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  • Integrative ecology
  • Evolutionary and behavioral ecology
  • Molecular and physiological ecology
  • Food webs and trophic interactions
  • Demography and population structure
  • Bio-logging
  • One health
  • Marine fish and bird populations
  • High latitude marine ecosystems


Current Research Projects

  • Using otolith geochemistry to understand the ocean ecology of a changing Alaskan salmon system. Funded by National Science Foundation, 2020–2021
  • Implications of a declining trend in body size and condition on abundance of sockeye salmon in the Copper River, Alaska. Funded by North Pacific Research Board, 2019–2021
  • Effects of energetic state and infectious agents on migration by sockeye salmon. Funded by Alaska INBRE, 2018–2020
  • Resolving the annual pelagic distribution of Tufted Puffins: Associations with oceanographic features and isotopic niche. Funded by North Pacific Research Board, 2018–2021
  • Comparative performance in migration and reproduction among wild and hatchery pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) in Prince William Sound, Alaska, using stable isotope analysis. Funded by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, 2016–2018


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