Electrical Engineering

Real World Experience

Receive valuable experience with real-world equipment and systems.
At UAF, you can learn how to design, program, and fly a drone to map land or monitor a wildfire, build a cube-sat to collect and download information from space, design and integrate renewable energy systems for the future power grid, design drive systems for land and air based electric vehicles and other renewable energy systems, design a wireless system to control the lights and appliances in your home from your smart phone, design and program a microcomputer with biosensors to monitor an astronaut or locate and assess the health of a trapped miner, or analyze data to simulate and study the Aurora

Collaborate & Learn

Work on fun projects with other students in our design labs.


Participate in summer internships at renowned firms and power companies in Alaska or at a national lab such as NASA or NREL.

Earn Big

Gain employment after graduation with a $71.8k average annual entry level salary and a $101.6k average annual salary across the field.

Program Offerings


B.S. Electrical Engineering

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Minor Aerospace Engineering

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M.S. Electrical Engineering

Admission Requirements | Program Requirements

Ph.D. Engineering

Admission Requirements | Program Requirements

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Academic Software


We have a partnership with Analytical Graphics for our students to use the Satellite Toolkit software.


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The electrical and computer engineering programs use Cadence Design Systems products in many of its academic course offerings.