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Trax International
Field Instrumentation Engineer at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Test Center, Fort Greely, Alaska

Job Description: Reverse engineer, designs, specifies, fabricates, develops documentation, integrates, and operates instrumentation packages for various tests. Instrumentation packages may include but not limited to triggering devices, measurement devices, electronic firing systems, and data collection systems. Designs and builds circuitry to operate, interface, and control target devices. Validates and verifies test requirements against instrumentation performance specifications. Provides onsite technical support while operating and monitoring instrumentation or electronics package. Skills include circuit card design, developing schematic drawing packages, soldering, and microcontroller programming, designing enclosures and developing user interfaces. Mentors, supervises, and provides guidance to technicians and engineers. Performs Quality Assurance activities. Develops and delivers training to technicians and engineers. Performs other duties as needed to ensure completion of test mission.

  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must have one of the following: Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology orsimilar technical degree and 4 years directly related experience.
  • Working knowledge of computer systems and software.
  • Experience designing and fabricating electronics down to component level.
  • Experience programming microcontrollers.
  • Experience using test equipment like oscilloscopes, multi-meters, and function generators.
  • •Working knowledge of electronics and circuit theory.
For more information or to apply call Kevin Cummings at 907-873-7373
Pay dependent on experience/education


Great Land Window in Fairbanks is hiring

Posted 21 April 2021
Looking for student employees.
We manufacture custom windows and doors on Van Horn Road and are looking for more people to join our group. Our products are cutting-edge for arctic applications and we send them all over Alaska and into Canada, Greenland, and Antarctica. In addition to manufacturing we have to invent many of our features and methods and build our own manufacturing tools and fixtures. To support this we have an internal private machine shop that includes 3D printers, CNC mill, CNC Lathe, punches, welders, saws, presses, routers, sanders, etc…

We’re looking for year-round employees. We typically schedule hours around classes for all students during the school year. This job requires the operation of hand and stationary saws, drilling, and fastening machinery. No direct window building experience is necessary but prior experience using hand tools will be helpful. Math skills and proficiency with reading measuring tapes are also desired. Must be friendly and reliable as well as demonstrate accuracy and attention to detail.

Please contact:
Great Land Window
2333 Van Horn Road


Internships/Student Opportunities at HAARP

Posted 10 March, 2021
Space Weather Systems:
Space weather and/or physics with basic electronics background Work with a site engineer organizing diagnostic shelters, performing cable and antenna testing, removing abandoned cables and equipment, grooming and documenting fiber/ethernet systems, leveling shelters and landing rebuilds, performing antenna inspections and repairs, upgrading computers and software systems, and working with instrument principal investigators (PIs) to document discrete systems.

Transmitter Array:
Generalized electronic background with an electronics academic focus Hands on experience in basic transmitter and antenna concepts. Work with an array engineer performing transmitter testing and maintenance, generalized labor cleaning coils, moving and connecting test equipment, cleaning shelters, testing environmental controls, painting, leveling shelter landings, and inspecting control panels and contactors.

Networking and Web Page Development:
Information technology and networking background Work with information technology and site engineers to document, organize, and map site fiber and network systems, evaluate needed fiber and/or cabling upgrades, provide written documentation of troubleshooting for network outages, programming copiers and scanners, and testing wireless systems for upgrades.

Power Plant:
Mechanical aptitude and/or power plant supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) background Work with maintenance technicians to clean and inspect diesel generators, perform filter changes, clean engines and piping, fuels and glycol handling, parts data base upgrades, and compliance reporting and documentation. Work with a power plant engineer performing SCADA documentation and testing, software upgrades, computer programs and software tools, and protective relay interface and event report organization.

For more information, please contact HAARP.