Electrical Engineering

Bachelor's Degree Program

Engage in cutting-edge research focused on lowering the cost of energy in Alaska. Design, build and fly Unmanned Aerial Systems (more commonly known as drones). Or help to develop satellite technology as part of the Space Systems Engineering program. These are just a few of the opportunities that electrical engineering majors have at UAF.

If you enjoy working in the lab, you won’t find a more hands-on electrical engineering degree. Our state-of-the-art instructional laboratories include industry-level equipment and offer 24/7 access. You’ll also benefit from the close mentorship of accessible and supportive professors, who teach everything from first-year introductory classes to graduate courses. Your success is our highest priority.

Our track record speaks for itself. UAF electrical engineering graduates typically pass the Fundamentals of Engineering examination at a rate 20% higher than the national average, and most receive multiple offers for professional engineering jobs across the state.

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Why Study Electrical Engineering at UAF?

Offering the resources of a large research university and the personal mentorship of a small college, the University of Alaska Fairbanks prepares you for some of today’s most challenging and high-demand jobs. Here are reasons to choose UAF for your degree in electrical engineering.

Get hands-on training through extensive lab experiences

  • As an electrical engineering major at UAF, the number of labs you’ll take part in is about three times the national average. This gives you a much better feel for how all things electrical work and helps you better understand how components work together.
  • Some of the experiments in our laboratories are designed and conducted at industry-level of power and instrumentations, providing sound preparation for what you’ll find in the real world.

Get specialized training for careers in Alaska and the far North

  • Located in the interior of Alaska, UAF offers unique engineering experiences that involve designing systems for cold (Arctic) and harsh environments. This specialized training and experience is sought after by many employers both in and outside of Alaska.

Participate in engineering internships, research and competitions

  • Opportunities include the Space Systems Engineering program, in which you can design, build and launch small CubeSats (miniature satellites) into low earth orbit. You can build and fly drones, and take part in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) annual student Design/Build/Fly international competition. Or compete in our 3-stage amplifier design competition—winner of the best design doesn’t have to take the final exam.

Work on renewable energy solutions for Alaska

If you’re interested in learning about renewable energy and finding ways to lower the cost of energy in Alaska, we offer research and internship opportunities through ACEP (the Alaska Center for Energy and Power) based at the UAF campus. ACEP also offer opportunities to work at the Energy Technology Laboratory, which houses a full-scale remote microgrid integrating wind, solar PV and energy storage.Our expertise in design and construction in arctic conditions is the strongest in the nation.

Learn from award-winning faculty with diverse research expertise

Our engineering professors have specialized research spanning multiple disciplines, many with direct industry experience they employ in their teaching. They have won teaching and research awards, and include an IEEE Third Millennium Medal winner and IEEE Senior Members.

Participate in professional organizations for electrical engineers

  • We have an on-campus student organization of IEEE (the world-wide professional organization for electrical and computer engineers).


What Can You Do With an Electrical Engineering Degree?

Our engineering program is known by employers across the state for preparing highly skilled engineers who are ready to tackle some of the toughest challenges in Alaska. As a result, our graduates are in high demand.

Most of our electrical engineering majors receive multiple high-salary job offers upon graduation, both within Alaska and throughout the United States. Companies that hire our graduates span the globe. Our students are also well prepared to pursue graduate study.




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