The Academic Advisor meets with students in their first and second year. While he can advise students in their third year, it is recommended that students begin meeting with a faculty advisor in their third year.


Civil Engineering and Geological Engineering prefer to advise their students after the first year.

Civil Engineering advising
Nathan Belz,

Geological Engineering advising
Margaret Darrow,

Computer Science 
Please contact a Computer Science faculty member as soon as you have completed CS 201 with a C- or better.

How to Schedule Classes

  1. Complete all required placement tests
  2. Schedule a date and time to meet with Joe. (Check the time zone to ensure your current time zone is listed correctly!)
  3. Call Joe at 907-474-7390 during your scheduled appointment time or follow provided Zoom link
  4. After your advising session you can log on to UA Online to enroll in your chosen classes

Required math placement test for incoming students

All incoming students will need to take the ALEKS (math placement) test before they can register for a math class or any class that has a math class as a prerequisite. Certain exceptions apply.

Take Math Placement Test

Transfer Credits

Student Transfer Credit resource site