Urban Search and Rescue Training

Apply your US&R Training to an MSDM Degree!

A wide range of US&R training courses can be applied towards earning a Master of Security and Disaster Management degree. Up to 6 credits from US&R courses can apply to the master's degree requirements (out of a total required 30 credits to earn the degree).

See the graphic below for a list of applicable US&R courses and the amount of transfer credits that will apply to the degree requirements.

Icon denoting category Course name College credit towards major (Max 6 credits) Credit level
jackhammer icon Structual Collaspe Specialist (Course code 9P2630 & 9P2631 or equivalent) 6.6 credit hours 400
dog icon Canine Search Specialist (Course code 9P1330 & 9P1331 or equivalent) 3 credit hours 400
heart icon Medical Team Specialist (Course code 9P3130 & 9P3131 or equivalent) 4.43 credit hours 400
Truck icon Logistics Team Specialist (Course code 9P4130 & 9P4131 or equivalent) 3.825 credit hours 400
planning icon Planning Team Specialist (Course code 9P6130 & 9P6131 or equivalent) 3 credit hours 400
map icon Technical Search Specialist (Course code 9P1230 & 9P1231 or equivalent) 3.3 credit hours 400
Crane icon Heavy Equipment and Rigging Specialist (Course code 9P2730 & 9P2731 or equivalent) 2.85 credit hours 400
microphone icon Communications Specialist (Course code 9P4530 & 9P4531 or equivalent) 4.95 credit hours 400
team icon Task Force Leader (Course code 9P7130 & 9P7131 or equivalent) 2.4 credit hours 400
Warning icon Task Force Safety Officer (Course code 9P7230 & 9P7231 or equivalent) 2.33 credit hours 400
hazard icon US&R Hazardous Materials Specialist (Course code 9P5530 & 9P5531 or equivalent) 2.4 credit hours 400
pyrimid icon Enhanced Operations in the Contaminated Environment (Course code 9G5410 & 9G5420) 1 credit hours 400
pyrimid icon ICS 400 - Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff 1.13 credit hours 400

Download the MSDM-Urban Search & Rescue flyer for more details about how your training courses can apply toward requirements for this master's degree.

Apply to the MSDM program for free by clicking the yellow "Apply Now" button below. Enter the fee waiver code UAFCBSM at checkout to waive the UAF application fee.

Submit your transcripts and training certificates for evaluation to: 

Office of Admissions
University of Alaska Fairbanks
P.O. Box 757480
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7480

Official transcripts can also be emailed directly from your transfer institution to the UAF Admissions Office (uaf-admission@alaska.edu). Training certificates can also be emailed directly to admissions at the email above.

Robert Ituarte

The online MSDM gives me the opportunity to expand my specialized knowledge and offer applicable expertise in the field, volunteering with my city’s Emergency Operations Center in regional training activities.

BEM 2017, MSDM 2017