For over a decade, UAF's Homeland Security and Emergency Management program has been ahead of national trends in higher education by developing long-term, coequal relationships with community members and organizations. These partnerships provide meaningful opportunities for faculty and student involvement in our community, strengthening the academic experience, and providing tangible benefits to all.

Alaska Emergency Management Association (AKEMA)

The AKEMA supports Alaskans in preventing, preparing, mitigating and responding to, and recovering from the crises that affect Alaska, our communities and our people.

Students receive practical real world experience in challenging environments, and Alaskan communities receive support from Alaska's own future leaders.

University Fire Department (UFD)

The University Fire Department provides professional fire, rescue and medical services to our community while developing leaders in tomorrow's emergency services workforce. The UAF HSEM program has been proud partners with UFD since the program’s inception.

The UFD is an extraordinary program that prepares student firefighters for careers in fire and emergency services.

Erick Anez

"The course material has proven quite useful in my pursuit of education in the field and also in my professional development as a business continuity professional. The program instructors are great and have a wide range of hands-on industry experience, which they share with their students. It is a great honor to learn from instructors who work with FEMA, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and police and fire departments and who are able to share the experiences and lessons learned throughout their careers."

BSEM 2015