On-campus jobs


What we do at UAF is possible because of our amazing student employees! Discover exciting positions and join our dynamic student workforce.

Why get an on-campus job?

  • Your course schedule won't be compromised — student jobs are designed to have flexible work hours.
  • Gain valuable work experience while still in college.
  • Conveniently located around campus, there is no need to waste time or gas commuting.
  • Learn transferable skills such as leadership, initiative, communication and problem solving.

Where can you find on-campus jobs?


Students need to be enrolled in six credits or more and have at least a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for an on-campus student job. You will not need to take courses during the summer to begin or maintain student employment, as long as you are enrolled as a student for the coming fall semester.

  • During the semester, students may work 20 hours a week.

  • If you have a good academic standing, you can apply for a waiver to work up to 40 hours a week during the semester. These waivers are handled by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. See the student employee request waiver page for more information. 

  • Student employees can work 40 hours a week during spring break, winter break and the summer; however, the hours available will vary based on department and supervisor. Want more information? See the HR FAQ page.

The pay varies per position and by employer. Student positions are typically classed as student assistant 1 or 2. See updated salary schedules on UAF's Human Resource’s website with annual student pay grids updated every fiscal year.