Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies (UIS) programs provide flexibility to students who have educational goals that do not fit into other majors or minors available at UAF. We promote pragmatic and creative thinking. Our programs are individualized to you and your learning goals. 

There are two interdisciplinary degree options as well three minors available through UIS. The Goals Option is a custom bachelor’s or associate’s degree that you build and name with the help of a multidisciplinary faculty committee.  The Bachelor’s Degree Completion Option provides an efficient pathway to graduation for students who have a lot of college credits to graduate with an Interdisciplinary Studies major and General Studies concentration. UIS also  offers minors in Environmental Change, Health Science for Preprofessionals, and Interdisciplinary Studies, the latter of which allows students to design their own minor.

Most degrees in the U.S. have a multidisciplinary component. Students take classes from multiple academic departments that are in the support of their discipline. Interdisciplinary Studies takes the idea of multidisciplinary thinking one step further by intentionally blending disciplines together. This approach can lead to a more holistic understanding. It also aims to engage with questions and real world problems in a focused and pragmatic way. 

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies at UAF offers students the freedom to customize their academic experience to get the specific tools they need to approach complex questions that single disciplines may not be able to do alone. Our Goals Option students do this with the guidance of multidisciplinary faculty committees to build majors that are creative, challenging, and prepare them for a future that is full of change. Interdisciplinary Studies students are encouraged to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom on their path to graduation, through the bachelor’s capstone, internships, research, and creative scholarly activities.

Students who are interested in any of the undergraduate interdisciplinary studies programs UAF offers should explore our website and schedule a meeting with an advisor in the office of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies to develop their educational plan. Please schedule an intake appointment to learn more about degree options for you.

Looking  for information about an Interdisciplinary Master's or PhD?  Visit the Graduate School Interdisciplinary Program Website