Adult and Basic Education/General Education Development

Jim Dotzler, Math Support Specialist
Rebekah Fonkert
Rebekah Fonkert, ABE Specialist, Bristol Bay Region
Rachelle Hatfield
Rachelle Hatfield, ABE Specialist, Aleutian-Pribilof Region
Rene Johnson, ABE Coordinator, Dillingham

The Bristol Bay Adult Education Program provides foundational academic instruction to the general public and labor workforce so individuals can:

  • Advance to a higher academic level
  • Improve job skills to begin, retain, or advance employment
  • Enter post-secondary or vocational technical training
  • Attain the General Education Development (GED) Diploma

Construction Trades

Kent Winship headshot
Kent Winship, Instructor Construction Trades

In the Construction Trades program, students learn construction safety, introduction to hand and power tools, construction mathematics, and the basics of construction. Students develop an understanding of how to communicate, understand, anticipate and complete the work on a construction job site.


Basic Carpentry provides students with hands-on experience in carpentry and construction plus OSHA-approved safety training.

Environmental Studies

Todd Radenbaugh headshot
Dr. Todd Radenbaugh, Professor, Environmental Science


The mission of the Environmental Studies program is to increase science literacy and to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for individuals to take an active role in the management of the natural resources in and around Bristol Bay.


The Interdisciplinary Studies program provides flexibility to undergraduate and graduate students who have well-defined goals that do not fit into one of the established majors.


An Environmental Studies certificate can be earned from any community in our region in 1-2 years, although limited travel is required to Fairbanks or Anchorage. Students do every phase of scientific investigation, from hypothesis development through data collection and analysis to presenting findings in scientific conferences and publications


Rural Surface Water Quality Testing training introduces students to best practices in waste management.

Rural Waste Management and Spill Response provides basic academic preparation for entry-level water quality technician careers.

Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab (FabLab) enables students to make original designs using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and graphic design software. Prototypes are manufactured using technology like 3D printers, vinyl printers, a banner printer, a mill & lathe, a CNC router/plasma cutter, and a laser cutter.

Marine Advisory Program

Gabe Dunham

Gabe head shot

Marine Advisory Program, Dillingham

Melissa Good

Missy head shot

Aleutian-Pribilof Campus Coordinator & Alaska Sea Grant Faculty

The Marine Advisory Program is a statewide outreach and technical assistance program helping Alaskans use, wisely, conserve, and enjoy Alaska's marine and coastal resources. Marine Advisory agent Gabe Dunham provides extension services and resources aimed at commercial fishery business issues, conducts maritime technical and security training, and works with regional partners to promote coastal community resiliency and economic development in Bristol Bay. Melissa Good offers similar programs and services in Unalaska.

Nursing and Health Care Programs

Michelle head shot
Denise Gilliland, Assistant Professor of Nursing
The Nursing program trains individuals to become licensed registered nurses. Instruction is by video lectures, on-site skill labs, and clinical experiences. Some travel is required.


These occupational endorsements give students the knowledge and technical skills for employment in health care.

MEDICAL BILLING and MEDICAL CODING - analysis of medical records and the assigning of codes for indexing diagnoses and procedures to provide information for reimbursement purposes.

MEDICAL OFFICE RECEPTION - the theory and skills for both office work and clinical care.

NURSE AIDE - the theory and basic nursing skills necessary to become an efficient and productive health care team member. Preparation to sit for the national nurse aide examination for certification.


HEALTH CARE REIMBURSEMENT - builds on the occupational endorsement classes to prepare for employment as a medical biller and coder in medical office settings.

MEDICAL/DENTAL RECEPTION - builds on the Medical Office Reception occupational endorsement to prepare for receptionist jobs.

DENTAL ASSISTANT – one-year program to function as a chairside dental assistant.

Students who earn a Pre-Nursing Certificate fulfill half of the requirements to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing. Enrollment is open to all students.

Students must apply and be accepted to enter the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program.
Applications are only accepted every other year.
Enrollment is limited to four to six students.
More information is in the School of Nursing's AAS Nursing Program Student Handbook.


Alaska Native Student Support

Sustainable Energy

Dr. Tomas Marsik

Tom head shot

Associate Professor Sustainable Energy

Mark Masteller

Mark head shot

Assistant Professor Sustainable Energy

The Sustainable Energy program offers courses on topics such as renewable energy technology, energy storage, weatherization, building science, energy efficient construction, lighting and appliances, and basic physics related to electricity and heat. The program also provides outreach to communities and schools within the Bristol Bay region and throughout the state. Additionally, we provide technical assistance to individuals and entities who are looking to become more energy efficient or are interested in installing renewable energy systems.


The Sustainable Energy occupational endorsement can be completed in one calendar year.  On its own, the occupation endorsement is good preparation for employment.  It also is a stepping stone for students interested in obtaining higher degrees in science and engineering.


The Welding Program offers an occupational endorsement that provides training to succeed in the structural welding industry and to pass the American Welding Society test. The program also covers the safety requirements and mathematics needed in this high-demand occupation.


The Welding Occupational Endorsement can be completed in one academic year.


Occupational Endorsements

Administrative Assistant 
Bookkeeping Technician
Carpentry, Basic
Facility Maintenance
Financial Services Representative
Health, Allied
Rural Surface Water Quality Testing
Rural Waste Management and Spill Response
Sustainable Energy
Tribal Justice
Welding, Entry -Level

These programs are designed to give students occupational training in a specific field. (9-24 credits)    

Certificate and Associate Degree Programs

Accounting, Applied
Accounting Technician
Associate of Arts
Business, Applied
Business Management, Applied
Community Health
Construction Trades Technology
Early Childhood Education
Environmental Studies
Health, Allied
Human Services
Interdisciplinary Studies
Tribal Management

Certificate - designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or upgrading in a specific occupation. (30 credits)
Associate of Applied Science designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or upgrading in a specific occupation. (60 credits)
Associate of Science a broad-based course of study with emphasis on science, a steppingstone to a science related Bachelor's program. (60 credits)
 Associate of Arts a program of study with interdisciplinary approach useful for transferring to future degrees. (60 credits)

Bachelor's Degrees

Child Development and Family Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies
Rural Development

Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Technology (120-130 credits)

Graduate Degrees

Cross-Cultural Studies
Rural Development

Master of Arts, Master of Education, (30-39 credits beyond the Bachelor degree)

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