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Training Program

Join our content creation training program and learn how to turn Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts into a money generating business. In this flexible, one-year program you will learn video storytelling, the culture and business of gaming, blogging and social media marketing, and much more. Coursework emphasizes practical, hands-on work and learning experiences tailored to what you want to do. Graduates will have the skills and training to become independent content creators on social media, continue to more advanced degree programs or take on new professional opportunities in their current careers.

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Why Study Digital Content Creation at UAF?

  • Learn how to develop and monetize digital content creation accounts on social media platforms of your choosing in the only program of its kind in Alaska.

  • Prepare for the emerging field of digital content creation while gaining fundamental communication, business and professional skills you can apply to any career.

  • Complete your social media content creation training in a flexible online and distance program designed for students who live in rural communities in Alaska.

  • Transfer the credits earned in your content creation training to a two-year or four-year degree program.

  • Prepare for the emerging world of remote work by building digital skills that can be used to create a business or do your work from the comfort of your own home.

Experiential learning in the content creation program

Practical, hands-on training is an important part of your work throughout the content creation program:

  • Learn how to produce quality videos using a Smartphone and common household items — and create a personal three-minute video on the topic of your choice to use on social media platforms.

  • Explore the history and business of video games, gaming in different countries, e-sports vs. streaming, how to build a fan base, how to monetize gaming platforms, and more.

  • Discover how to tell your story in effective and interesting ways, establish your online presence, and use your own unique experiences (including Alaska and the rural village lifestyle) to develop your storytelling.




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