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Study the relationships between people and plants, with a special focus on Alaska. The ethnobotany training program at UAF brings together diverse fields such as botany, biochemistry, ecology, Indigenous studies, anthropology and political ecology. Cultural sensitivity and ethical conduct of research are a focus in all courses of the program, as well as sustainable and safe harvesting practices. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to conduct your own research projects and assess research involving people and plants.

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Why Study Ethnobotany at UAF?

  • Earn your occupational endorsement entirely online (with optional field-based training) as part of an active and supportive cohort. A minor in ethobotany is also available.

  • Learn about past and contemporary ethnobotanical research on national and international levels as well as cases from Alaska and other circumpolar regions.

  • Build solid research, presentation and communication skills that will enrich your professional skills and help build your career.

  • Receive personalized feedback that will enhance your learning outcomes and help you build diverse academic skill sets.

Hand-on learning in the ethnobotany training program

When you study ethnobotany at UAF, expect hands-on, place-based learning from day-one of your studies, and for every theoretical concept to be supported by topic-related discussions and activities. You’re also encouraged to engage in projects related to your career or primary field of interest.

For example, in the introductory field course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from Elders in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region about plant knowledge and uses. You’ll also conduct several hands-on ethnobotanical projects with seasonal plants available in your region, through which you’ll learn how to document plant knowledge, analyze ethnobotanical data and present the information to the public.


Ethnobotany Jobs

This training program is designed to prepare you for entry-level positions as natural resource technicians, or for home and cottage industries that involve working with plants. Graduates will be readyfor subsistence-related agency or tribal positions, and can use this training to build qualifications in fields such as education, tourism and health and wellness.

The ethnobotany program is also a great stepping stone to an associate or bachelor’s degree if you choose to pursue further education. Our graduates have gone on to advanced study in fields including anthropology, Alaska Native studies, environmental studies, education, biology and dietetics.  



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