Alaska Native Studies

Bachelor's Degree Program

Explore Alaska Native cultures and communities from an Indigenous perspective. This unique program will give you the tools to develop an Alaska Native approach to understanding Alaska Native issues.

If you’re interested in careers in law and politics, the bachelor’s in Alaska Native studies will help you to understand how Alaska Native people fit into the larger political picture, and ways they can exercise their rights for the benefit of Native communities in the future. Our faculty have expertise in key Native issues such as culture, identity and traditional knowledge and places; tribal sovereignty; traditional fishing, hunting and gathering; and international law.

You can earn your bachelor’s degree in Alaska Native studies at our Troth Yeddha' campus in Fairbanks, Alaska, or via distance in the community where you live.

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Why Study Alaska Native Studies at UAF?

How did we get to where we are today, and how do we implement political change to benefit Alaska Native people? These are the questions explored in the Alaska Native studies degree—the only program of its kind in the world to address current and historical issues in Alaska specifically from an Indigenous perspective. Here are some of the opportunities you can look forward to as part of your bachelor’s degree study at UAF.

Engage in exciting research and field work

  • With coursework tailored to the rural Alaska Native experience and priority issues, what you learn is relevant to where you live and work. You’ll also complete a senior thesis based on your concentration, experience and interests. These projects may involve original research and focus on providing Indigenous perspectives and solutions to Alaska Native issues.

Work with faculty with deep expertise in Alaska Native issues

  • Our faculty include renowned educators and prominent Alaska Native advocates who are active in politics, research and in serving local Alaska Native communities. Faculty include experts in tribal law and governance, K-12 education, international law, federal Indian law, Native women’s issues, Native identity and cross-cultural communication.

Gain new perspectives via hands-on coursework

  • Serve on a mock tribal council. Write a research paper using Indigenous approaches and methods. Review legislation that directly involves Native communities with the task of drafting changes and improvements. Write a new law for a Native community, or explore what Native corporations are doing (or not doing) for Native communities.

Access support resources

  • Rural Student Services (RSS) works with students from all over the state, providing holistic advising and support services that benefit rural and Alaska Native students. We also offer opportunities such as the Native Student Union, a student club on campus that supports the success of both Alaska Native and non-Native students at UAF.


What Can You Do With a Degree in Alaska Native Studies?

Our graduates are prepared to make leadership contributions and serve as cultural ambassadors throughout communities of the North. Opportunities include jobs in government, health and social services, performance arts, justice and cultural programs. Graduates also serve as cultural ambassadors to promote cross-cultural communications across the North.

Graduates may also continue to higher education in fields such as law, policy making and Indigenous studies.



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