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The business administration department offers professional education to students interested in management, finance, human resource management, international business, marketing and travel industry management.

Competent management practices require an education that is both broad and deep. The business administration program prepares graduates to meet complex technical, economic and social problems and enables them to apply imaginative and responsible leadership to the needs of industry and government.

The School of Management is extending an offer to waive the application fee for all students who apply to any degree programs. Use the waiver code UAFSOM when applying to take advantage of this offer.

Top-Notch Accreditation

The UAF School of Management is one of a select set of business schools to hold both business and accounting Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation. This highest level of accreditation recognizes success in producing business leaders, and is indicative of a top-notch education.

What it Takes to Graduate

The BBA degree requirements show you which classes you'll need to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration. You'll also find information about business administration minors:

  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Leadership
  • Management and Organizations
  • Marketing
  • Sport Management

The Business Administration Degree Map provides a road map of which classes to take in which semester. View the correct map for your academic path:
2013/2014 Catalog
2014/2015 Catalog
2015/2016 Catalog
2016/2017 Catalog
2017/2018 Catalog
2018/2019 Catalog


  • BBA General Business
    General business students will customize their concentration to meet their individuals career and educational goals and needs, within a framework predetermined by the School of Management. Students can choose courses from multiple SOM programs to fulfill the concentration requirements. Options include courses in finance, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, accounting, economics, and homeland security and emergency management. This concentration can be obtained completely through online courses.

  • BBA Finance
    As a finance student, you will examine the financial significance of the business firm, the financial system, and the financial markets. In addition, you learn about the roles of commercial banks, investment and security firms, and other financial institutions. You will acquire hands-on experience with equity trading in the Student Investment Fund. Finance students have multiple career opportunities in areas such as the Alaska Permanent Fund investment firms, corporate finance, banking, consulting, real estate, and insurance.

  • BBA Leadership
    The leadership concentration offers an educational track in leadership skill development and general business. Students will customize their concentration to meet their individual career and educational goals and needs, within a framework predetermined by the School of Management. As a leadership student, you will study different perspectives of leadership development, theories, and skills, from leadership research and through applied “out of the classroom work.” This concentration can be obtained completely through online courses, and allows you to specialize in your area of interest with the intent to be a leader in your field.

  • BBA Marketing
    The marketing program offers a solid background in marketing and general business. As a marketing student, you will study every aspect of the marketing process, from marketing research and strategic planning to public relations and communications. You will learn the common background required for any marketing career, as well as have the opportunity for specialization based on your interests.

  • BBA Sport Management

    The sport management concentration offers an educational track for students who desire careers in sport related business industries. As a sport management student, you will be prepared for a variety of careers within the global sport industry. Our program combines experiential learning, business coursework, and community involvement for preparing students for the competitive sport job market. The sport management concentration allows students to apply traditional business theory within a unique sport industry. This concentration can be obtained online or through a combination of delivery methods.

Student Organizations

Associated Students of Business

The Associated Students of Business (ASB) is a valuable resource for students interested in improving their business skills. ASB offers lectures by Alaska business leaders, helps orchestrate the annual Business Leader of the Year banquet, hosts workshops, and is mentored by Fairbanks business leaders.

More information about ASB can be found at the ASB website

Native Alaskan Business Leaders

Native Alaskan Business Leaders (NABL) is a student organization that supports Alaska Native students interested in business and rural economic development. NABL strives to build self-esteem in its members and foster community involvement and teamwork. Each year, members of NABL attend the American Indian Business Leaders Conference and compete in the Business Plan Competition, an event they won in 2008, 2010, and 2013.

More information can be found at the NABL website.

Students Offering Leadership Development

Students Offering Leadership Development (SOLD) is a student organization focused on community outreach and leadership development. Students work with the Northern Leadership Center (NLC) at the UAF School of Management to promote activities and events that foster leadership.

UAF Society of Human Resource Management (UAF SHRM)

UAF Society of Human Resource Management (UAF SHRM) provides opportunities for networking and helps members learn more about human resources and the real world of business management, while building relationships with local professionals and other students. The chapter invites local business people to speak about current developments in the business world and how they will impact future workers. Beyond the regular meetings, SHRM organizes a variety of activities including company tours, student conferences, resume-writing and interviewing workshops, fundraisers, internship programs, and social events.

More information can be found on the UAF SHRM Facebook page.

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