Career Paths

Students in the BAM program have knowledge, training and experience in their specific field and commonly use this degree to pursue management or growth in their current industry or to start their own business.

Career paths vary based on the student’s background and expertise, but usually titles will include manager, supervisor or director. If students are earlier in their careers, titles may include assistant manager, specialist, analyst or operator - and some students may choose to move into Rotational Management Training Programs. Based on your experience, career interests and skills, the Bachelor of Applied Management will offer you the degree and tools to pursue current or future career growth.

If you are interested in learning more about how the applied management program may meet your academic or career goals, please contact us.

Please note: These job postings are pulled from our university-wide career site, Handshake. Job postings appear on this list based on the degrees and other options chosen by employers when listing their job opportunity. You may see some position listings that do not appear to be directly related to this degree. However, they are positions that an individual with this degree could also explore - either while still a student or after graduation. This also does not represent an exhaustive list of all opportunities to which a student with this degree may apply, but simply a sample of currently available positions. You can view all available jobs on Handshake by clicking the link above or by clicking the "More Jobs" link at the bottom of the listing section.