Terris Moore Hall

In 1966, Terris Moore Hall opened as an eight-story coed hall, and is the western-most building of the MBS Complex. Moore hall is one of the largest halls on campus, with a housing capacity of up to 320 students. Moore Hall is full of energy and students are always out and about. Moore Hall is  one of the two first year halls the other being Skarland Hall. Bathrooms are all gender with private toilet and shower rooms. Hall is gender by room unless otherwise specified.


Need help after hours? Call the Resident Assistant on duty 907-322-7300.



Our live-in professional and student staff are here to help our residents prosper in and out of the classroom.

Resident Directors (RD) have a background in student development. They are responsible for promoting a positive residential community, and facilitating large-and small-scale programs to help integrate residents into student life at UAF.

Resident Assistants (RA) have extensive training with student concerns and campus resources. They help organize social and educational programs throughout the year. They are trained in mediation and are available to help resolve any roommate conflicts within the community.