Paper and Electronic Submissions

Paper Submissions

OGCA-Pre does not mail paper copies of proposals to a funding agency, if required. After OGCA-Pre has approved a proposal, it is returned to the unit. The unit makes copies and submits the proposal to the sponsor as needed. An electronic copy of the proposal will be kept on file in the OGCA Shared Drive. When the proposal is awarded by the agency, the proposal will be shared with the OGCA Post-Award team for account set up.


Electronic Submission Systems

OGCA-Pre is responsible for most recognized electronic submissions (except for email submissions as noted above and for other disparate electronic systems where the proposer is required to individually register and then can submit directly after OGCA-Pre approval). Some private sponsors accept electronic submissions as well. If your proposal must be submitted electronically, indicate that electronic submission is required on the Proposal Routing Form.

How to Correctly Fill out SF-424 Forms

The following example forms have been filled out with the correct information that should be in every proposal submission for When in doubt, ask OGCA Pre-Award staff.

  • SF-424 (Application for Federal Assistance)
  • SF-424B (Assurances - Non-Construction Programs)
  • SF-LLL (Disclosure of Lobbying Activities)

NIH Guide to Avoid Common Errors When Applying Electronically


Email Submissions

At this time, the unit is usually responsible for email-based submissions of proposals after OGCA-Pre review and approval. In the event the sponsor requires submission by an AOR, OGCA-Pre will send the email submission to the sponsor. If the unit submits the proposal to the sponsor, OGCA-Pre should be copied on the email submission via Units should add the following statement within the submission email and cc: when submitting to the sponsor via email:

"Any administrative correspondence related to the official submission of this proposal should be directed to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Office of Grants & Contracts Administration at If the information is technical or programmatic in nature please forward to the Principal Investigator."


Agency Specific Submissions

  • Department of Defense (DOD)
    The following language should be inserted into the cover letter as part of any submission to DOD as a means to identify restrictions to the fundamental research exclusion as related to export controls:

    "The parties understand that any developmental items and specially designed parts, components, accessories and attachments developed as part of this project are for both civil and military applications. University is a U.S. institution of higher education that conducts fundamental research (as defined in National Security Decision Directive 189 and Ashton B. Carter Department of Defense Memo date May 24, 2010) where results are widely and openly published and made available to the scientific and academic community."

Some best practices:

  • Only send documents that have been reviewed by OGCA as indicated in the proposal folder with the naming convention extension “Final”.
  • When final documents are sent to agencies and sponsors they should be PDF unless specified as otherwise in the FOA or from the sponsor.
  • When OGCA reviews documents in Word and Excel format for ease of review and editing, the documents will have to be converted to PDF before submittal to sponsor. OGCA will convert them to PDF copy and save as “Final” in the proposal folder as part of our review and approval process. If the sponsor requests a single file for e-submission, the filename should be tagged as “PROP” per the document type guidelines while following the rest of the naming convention.