Proposal Submission

Proposal Review and Endorsement

As UAF's authorized institutional office, OGCA staff review and approve all proposals on behalf of the Principal Investigator and the University. OGCA provides a comprehensive pre-submission administrative review to ensure a complete and accurate proposal and compliance with sponsor and UAF institutional policies. At times, OGCA requests changes that will bring the proposal into compliance with guidelines and policies, or suggest changes to enhance funding success. When the proposal has passed our review, OGCA provides institutional endorsement of the proposal (RPAS).

For the Office of Proposal Development assistance in submitting proposal please visit their website at

Important items to note when submitting a proposal:

  • OGCA requires a minimum of 5 business days to review all proposal submissions period to agency due date, submitting after 5 business days can result in the sponsor deadline being missed, as a PI you are responsible in turning in proposals in a timely manner.
  • If you need an exception to this requirement, you will need to fill out the submission exception form. Not all request will be approved.
  • ALL final documents are required before the review will take place, this is important to keep in mind when determining when you should start work on a proposal.
  • Last minute changes to a proposal could cause delays and cause the submission to take place late.
  • OGCA reserves the right to require changes based on specifics of a review, sponsor requirements, and/or changes to institutional policy.
  • Proposals submitted without a 5 business day notice will not received and full review, they will received a limited review.
  • PI's need to work with their department leads or UAFs office of proposal & development to develop a proposal with all of the sponsor/uaf internal required documents
  • Proposals submitted must include ALL final documents, this includes internal UAF documents that may be required. You can find pre-award forms on OGCAs webpage.

OGCA Review Processes (This not does include limited reviews)

Once OGCA receives all necessary and final documents, our staff complete the proposal review process. This involves the following, but is not an exhaustive or all-inclusive list: this list does not include limited reviews.

  • Reviewing the solicitation, program announcement, or request for proposals (RFP) (if applicable)
  • Assuring that the principal investigator, all co-investigators, the dean or director, fiscal officer, and proposal coordinator (as applicable) have signed off on proposal related documents needing signatures.
  • Assuring that all required conflict of interest certifications have been completed (when applicable)
  • Reconciling effort commitments in the proposal
  • Verifying that correct rates and bases have been applied and calculated in the budget for fringe benefits and facilities and administrative costs (F&A)
  • Confirming cost sharing requirements and University funding sources (when applicable)
  • Reviewing equipment quotes, subaward budgets, protocol approvals, etc. (when applicable)
  • Reviewing the budget justification to ensure that the explanation of budget line items is reasonable and accurate, includes only allowable costs, and matches the work proposed
  • Reviewing the proposal documents to ensure that all sponsor requirements have been addressed and that page limits and other formatting requirements are accordance with the sponsor guidelines
  • Reviewing and making sure all UAF internal documents are provided and signed off on before submission is approved. This includes FARE forms, CAS forms, RPAS's, and other required internal documents. 

*OGCA reserves the right to provide limited reviews on any submissions given to OGCA without the full 5 business days to review**