Pre-Award Naming Conventions

Important Note: Please note that these naming conventions are only intended for transactions of passing proposal files between unit proposal coordinators and OGCA. Faculty are not expected to use these naming conventions. OGCA only requests that a proposal being submitted via email use the naming convention of S#-Dept-PI Name somewhere in the subject line to facilitate easier tracking of the email, unless sponsor guidelines dictate another naming convention that takes precedence.

Pre-Award Filing System

Pre-Award Proposal Folder Naming

Proposal Review/Approval/Submission Document Naming

General Instructions

Best Practices for Proposal Review/Approval/Submission

Sponsor/Agency Document Types

Document Name/Type Abbreviation Comments
Types of Funding Announcements    
→ Broad Agency Announcement BAA  
→ Funding Opportunity Announcement FOA  
→ Parent/Program Application PA  
→ Request for Application RFA  
→ Request for Proposal RFP  
→ Request for Quote/Quotation RFQ  
Letter of Intent/Inquiry/Interest  LOI  
Pre-Proposal PREP  
Proposal (final version with all components)  PROP  This includes a full downloaded copy of the submitted proposal from NSF, NIH, NSPIRES, etc. Application Package APP   
Cover Letter  CLTR   
Table of Contents  TOC   
Cover Page CP   
Face Page FP  
Standard Form 424 (SF-424) SF424  Application for Federal Assistance
Standard Form 424A (SF-424A) SF424A  Budget Info, Non-Construction Programs 
Standard Form 424B (SF-424B) SF424B  Assurances, Non-Construction Programs
Research & Related Budget (SF-424 R&R) SF424RR  
→ Statement of Work/Scope of Work SOW  
→ Statement of Need SON  
→ Statement of Opportunity SOO  
→ Project Narrative PN  
→ Project Description PD  
→ Collaborators and Other Affiliations (NSF)
→ Summary of Proposed Work (NSF Supplement) SPW  
→ Justification for Supplement (NSF Supplement)
→ Data Management Plan (NSF) DMP  
→ Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan (NSF) PMP  
→ Budget (Sponsor Format) BUD  
→ Budget (UAF Internal Spreadsheet) IBUD  
→ Basis of Estimate BOE  
→ Budget Narrative BN  
→ Budget Justification BJ  
→ Budget Impact Statement (NSF)
Biographical Sketch BS  
Curriculum Vitae CV  
References Cited REF  
Resources RES  
Facilities & Resources FR  
Current & Pending Support CPS  
→ Letter of Commitment LOC  
→ Letter of Support LOS  
→ Memorandum of Agreement MOA  
→ Memorandum of Understanding MOU  
Representations and Certifications RC  
Assurances ASR  
Quote QUO  
Estimate(s) EST  
Vendor Agreement VA  
Salary Rate(s) SR  
→ Subrecipient Commitment Form SCF  
→ Subaward SOW SSOW  
→ Subaward Budget SBUD  
→ Subaward Budget Justification SBJ  
Conflict of Interest List COI  


UAF Internal Document Types

Document Name/Type Abbreviation Comments
Proposal Review, Approval, and Submission (PRAS) PRAS Will replace Routing Form
F&A Waiver WAI  
Matching/Cost Sharing Form MCS  
PI Eligibility Waiver PIE  
CAS Exemption CAS  
Routing Form RF Until new PRAS form is adopted
Submittal Confirmation SC  
Revision Submittal Confirmation RSC  
Update Submittal Confirmation (NSF Proposal File Update) USC  
Final Submittal Email FSE  
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