Post Submission

Sponsors may contact PIs or OGCA to request updated proposal information to continue with proposal review process or a sponsor may need updated information in order to issue an award.  Policies, procedures and time frames vary regarding post submission materials and requirements that must be met before an award can be issued or accepted. PI’s work with OGCA to develop a response to sponsor requests and OGCA submits documentation to sponsor agency.  Typical requests include, but are not limited to:

Just in Time/Supporting Proposal Information:

Sponsor request for additional information after proposal submission. After a proposal has been submitted a sponsor may contact the PI or OGCA to submit supporting proposal information such as IRB/IACUC approvals, current and pending support, completion of sponsor specific forms, etc.  PI should forward all sponsor requests to OGCA and OGCA will work with PI to respond to sponsor request.

  • Any time a sponsor requests or requires a change in the originally proposed budget or scope of work, the Principal Investigator should always notify and coordinate a response through the OGCA before submitting a revised budget or scope of work to the sponsor.


NIH Just-in-Time (JIT) Process


OGCA will submit additional grant application information for NIH's Just-in-Time process. NIH is the only agency that uses the JIT concept as currently designed in the eRA Commons. As with use of all eRA Commons-based features, a Commons username and password are needed to log-in.

The JIT feature of the eRA Commons allows a Signing Official (SO) (that is, OGCA) to electronically submit additional grant application information qualifying for JIT submission, when requested by the granting agency, after the completion of the peer review of a grant application and prior to funding. The process is:

  1. PI's upload JIT information into the Commons for the Signing Official to submit.
    • To upload JIT files, access the JIT screen through List of Applications/Grants in eRA Commons.
    • After saving the information, a confirmation message displays indicating that the information was saved and that a user with the required authority must still submit the information.
    • PI's should route the JIT report to OGCA and send an email letting OGCA know that a JIT is pending submission.
  2. Signing Officials (OGCA) can submit to the agency.

The JIT feature is used by NIH for applications meeting established review criteria. In general this feature becomes available for applications that fall within a certain percentile or priority score ranges. However, applicants should not submit any JIT information until specifically requested by the agency. These requests can be eRA-system generated emails or contacts directly from the funding agency via email and/or phone.


  • Allows for electronic submission of additional documentation when requested by NIH, after completion of peer review of grant application and prior to funding.
  • Includes limited system-generated email notifications. Other notifications may be generated by specific Institutes/Centers.
  • At this time, the submission is a one-time submission, so the University must be prepared to submit all required information before using this function.

See more information about JIT from NIH. 

For additional Information visit the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration



Pre-Award Spending Advance Approval (PASAA):

PI request to incur project expenses prior to receipt of an award or prior to award start date. The need to establish advanced spending may arise when:

  • UAF has received an award but spending is necessary prior to the official start date of the project so expenses will fall outside the period of performance of an award.
  • Spending is necessary prior to the internal set-up of an award but expenses will fall within the anticipated period of performance of an award.
  • Award is already in place but UAF is waiting on receipt of an incremental funding award notice (e.g. additional year funding).
  • A no-cost extension has been requested and OGCA is waiting on sponsor approval.

Revised Budget:

If a sponsor agency determines that it intends to fund a proposal but at an amount less than what was requested in the budget, the agency may request a revised budget. If a PI is asked by a grant agency to revise a proposed budget, the unit should prepare a revision using the standard process and naming conventions.