Multiple Campus Proposals

Note: An MAU cannot be a subaward in another MAU's proposal. The UA System is considered one organization with a single accounting system and therefore does not have an internal subaward mechanism. Therefore, UAF cannot be a subaward to UAA or UAS, UAA cannot be a subaward to UAF or UAS, and UAS cannot be a subaward to UAF or UAA.

Procedures for Proposals with Multiple MAU Involvement:

  • Each MAU enters their portion into Banner FRAPROP. See "Banner FRAPROP Entry" for more guidance. This means each portion will have its own 'S' number.
  • Each MAU should use their F&A rate for their portion of the proposal.
  • The proposal budget should combine all line items for the MAUs involved, with separate MTDC lines for each MAU's F&A recovery.
  • A separate spreadsheet budget for each MAU and a combined budget should be included to show the breakdown of work and funds requested.
  • Each MAU must submit a signed routing form from their campus to the lead MAU to ensure proper approvals. Note that this is done on each MAU's respective form.
  • For NSF proposals, the easiest and most compliant solution is to prepare a collaborative dual submission: each MAU's budget is entered separately, the proposals are linked in FastLane, and awards are made to each MAU separately for their portion of work.