Security Keys

To view Duo’s official guide for adding additional devices, follow this link Duo Universal Prompt - Add or Manage Device.  

Security Key Requirements:

In order to use a security key with Duo, make sure you have the following:

  • A supported browser (Chrome 70, Firefox 60, Safari 13 or later), or Microsoft Edge 79 or later. 
  • An available USB port.
  • A supported USB security key. WebAuthn/FIDO2 security keys from Yubico or Feitian are good options. Duo does not support U2F-only security keys (like the Yubikey NEO-n).

If you require any assistance, please contact Nanook Technology Services or submit a service request to Help with MFA Enrollment or Report a Problem.

Adding a Security Key in Duo:

  • Navigate to a service that uses Duo MFA, such as UA ELMO or UAOnline Services
  • Sign in with your UA credentials
  • Once the DUO prompt appears, DO NOT AUTHENTICATE. If a Duo prompt does not appear, you may need to log out of your SSO account or sign in using  another browser
  • Instead select Other Option.
    Image of step 1
  • At the bottom of Other options to log in, select Manage devices
    Step 2 image 1
  • You will now need to Verify your identity before managing devices, so select any of the following login options listed.
    Step 2 image 2
  • If you do not have a mobile device or a backup method, please follow these steps on how to generate a bypass code using ELMO. 
  • To add a new method of verifying your identity in Duo, click Add a device.
    Step 3 image 1

  • Select Security Key
    Step 3 image 2

  • Read the security key information and select Continue
    Step 3 image 3

  • Follow the browser prompts to complete enrollment of your security key, allowing Duo to access information about your security key during setup. (Windows example using Edge shown)
    Step 3 image 4

  • When you receive confirmation that you added your security key as a verification method click Continue
    Step 3 image 5
  • You can now log into Duo-protected applications that show the Duo prompt in a web browser using your security key!