Canvas as a learning management system (LMS)


How do I know if my instructor is using Canvas?

You can check the delivery method of your courses by looking at the “location” column within your Concise Student Schedule at UAOnline. Once logged in:

  1. Choose “Student Services and Account Information”
  2. Click “Registration”
  3. Under Post-Registration, choose “Concise Student Schedule”

If you have any further questions, contact your instructor.

Why is UAF using Canvas?

  • Canvas supports the Chancellor's strategic goal to modernize the student experience.
  • Its mobile app makes it possible for students to do the majority of classwork from the palm of their hand.
  • It's more accessible for diverse learners.
  • It has lighter bandwidth requirements, making it more available in rural areas (⅓ less than Blackboard).
  • Many students are already familiar with the Canvas interface. The State of Alaska Department of Early Education and Development recently selected Canvas as the LMS for Alaska's K-12 schools.