Add or remove devices

Have a new phone? Want to add a security key? You can easily add new devices right from the Duo Prompt.

To enroll a new device:

  1. Select "Other Options" when presented with the Duo prompt

  2. Select "Manage devices" located at the bottom of the prompt

  3. From here, use an existing option to authenticate:

    • If you are accessing this menu to allow your new phone to use Duo Push, remember that you can still use the Phone Call option to authenticate if the number hasn't changed. If your phone number did change, you can use ELMO to generate a temporary bypass code to authenticate.

  4. After authenticating, you may use this menu to manage your devices and add new ones.

Add a New Device Link

For more information on adding devices, visit the Duo support page for adding a new device and follow the prompts.