Set up a phone or landline

Instruction to enroll a telephone or landline as your first device for MFA

This option is suitable for mobile phones that can't run Duo Mobile, or office phones and landlines.

  1. Select your country from the drop-down list and type your phone number, and then click Add phone number.
    Enter Phone Number
    If this phone number is a landline and can't receive text messages, select the This is a landline phone option before continuing.
  2. If you opted to add a landline, you can enter the landline's extension on the next screen and click Add extension or click Skip this step if you do not need to enter an extension for your landline.
    Enter Landline Extension
  3. Verify that the phone number shown (and landline extension, if you entered one) is accurate and click Yes, it's correct to continue (or No, I need to change it to go back and enter the number again).
    Confirm Phone Number
    If the phone number you entered already exists in Duo as the authentication device for another user then you'll need to enter a code sent to that number by phone call or text message to confirm that you own it. Choose how you want to receive the code and enter it to complete verification and continue.
    Verify Ownership of Shared Phone
  4. When you receive confirmation of adding the new mobile phone number for texts or calls, click Continue to login to log in to the application with a passcode received via text message or a phone call from Duo.
    Duo Phone Number Enroll Success
    If you added a landline phone number, click Continue to log in to the application with a phone call from Duo.
    Duo Phone Number Enroll Success