Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science program at Interior Alaska Campus invites you to join us in pursuit of your dreams. There are so many fantastic reasons to choose IAC and pursue an Associate of Science degree. There is no place in the world like Fairbanks, Alaska, and there is no comparison to the education, research opportunities, and community that you will find here.

About our Program

The Associate of Science Degree (AS degree) is a two-year program designed to complete the major core requirements of a Bachelor of Science Degree (BS degree). It is a broad-based course of study which includes English, communication, math, science, and humanity course requirements. The minimum requirements for the degree are 60 credits. All of the concentration electives for this course of study are math and science-based classes.

An Associate of Science degree is especially appealing to students who intend to transfer to another college after their two-year program has ended. An A.S. degree prepares students to pursue Bachelor's Degrees in medical and nursing fields, math, engineering, biological studies, or any science-oriented field.


Anshul Pandya

Anshul Pandya

Assistant Professor & Program Head

Associate of Science Program

Toll-free: 888-474-5207
Local: 907-474-2748

Robin Brooks

Robin Brooks

Student Success Coordinator

Advising for Interior Alaska Campus

Toll free: 888-474-5207
Local: 907-474-6770
Fax: 907-474-5208

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Math Placement (ALEKS)

Why take the ALEKS PPL test?

Unless you have previously completed a mathematics or statistics course at UA or another

Unless you have previously completed a mathematics or statistics course at UA or another college or university, you must take the ALEKS PPL test to be placed into the correct course in mathematics, statistics, and other quantitative subjects. If you have credit for a mathematics or statistics course already, check Exceptions.  *Note* The test is free!

What are the steps?

  • Determine how you will take the test. This is an online test which you can take at home or at some testing centers. (Planning)
  • Pick the time. On average, the test takes 90 minutes; however, you have up to 3 hours. If scheduling with a testing center, let them know it takes 90 minutes on average.
  • Follow the instructions on installing the lockdown browser and virtual proctor.
  • Take the test.
  • After getting your score, you may use ALEKS PPL to review the material and then retest to improve your score.

Math Tutoring Services

UAF Math Services

UAF Math Services provides online and in-person tutoring for students in UAF (and IAC) math and statistics courses. Visit the link for more information, and to look at their semester dependent schedule.


Debbie Moses Learning Center

UAF's Community and Technical College (CTC) in downtown Fairbanks provide world-class math and writing tutoring. To schedule an appointment to meet with a tutor in person or online, please visit their page by clicking the button below.