Spectroscopy Lab

About the spectroscopy lab:

The spectroscopy lab is housed within the Geophysical Institute's Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Group and supports geological and ecological research.

An ASD Fieldspec pro operating in the 0.4 to 2.5 micrometer spectral range is the main instrument used to collect field and laboratory based reflectance spectra. For acquiring emission spectra we coordinate efforts with UAF's Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory.

We have a modest and growing collection of spectra of

  • Rocks and minerals from exposed outcrops in the Brooks range, Alaska
  • Arctic and subarctic vegetation
  • Cores logged from a few targeted sites in Alaska

Our interest is to use this facility for

  • Training students in principles and applications of spectroscopy
  • Supporting remote sensing ground calibration/validation activities (summer and winter)~
  • Establishing an informal, robust cooperative program with state and private industry in Alaska to develop spectral libraries in support of mineral exploration in Alaska, and vegetation studies focused on the Arctic and sub-Arctic environment.

For more information contact Santosh Panda (Email: skpanda@alaska.edu; phone 907-474-7539).