Computer Labs

Geoscience Department Computer Lab (316 Reichardt)

The computer lab of the Geoscience department is located on the third floor of the Reichardt Building. The lab is equipped with

  • 14 Dell desktop computers and workstations (64-bit Windows 10) with dual monitors
  • Epson flatbed scanner (letter size)
  • Nikon slide scanner
  • Kyocera 4200 black-and-white printer
  • Kyocera 6035 color printer
  • Dell projector

The lab is open 24/7 with access controlled by a key-code door.  Department majors and UAF students taking geology classes, faculty and staff, and attendees of programs and conferences associated with the Geosciences Department are encouraged to use the lab as needed. The computers can be used by anyone with a UA username. Access may be restricted by classes scheduled to be held in the computer lab.


Standard Windows office software is installed on all computers. In addition, graphics and photo editing applications, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint are installed. Acrobat Professional for editing PDF files.

Specific geoscience related software includes QGIS, TerraGo, StereoNet, GeoMapApp

Some workstations are equipped with ArcGIS 10.6 and MatLab 2019.

Instructors and students wishing to install specific course or research related applications should contact the lab manager.


Printing Policy

The computers and printing material (paper and toner) are partially funded by student computer lab fees. Printing is limited to course/research/university related material. Printing of personal pages is not permitted!

 Any inquiries or comments should be directed to the lab manager, Dr. Jochen Mezger (308a, Reichardt;; 907-474-7809).