Our courses

A large number of courses are available to students in the Earth System Science degree programs at UAF, and the required courses for the concentrations can be found in the catalog for the MS and PhD. A list of courses available in the upcoming semester can be found here.

All ESS students are required to take three ESS courses: ESS 601, 602, and 692/492. These courses are listed here and are offered on the following schedule:

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Fall semester

ESS 601 [3 cr.] Introduction to Earth System Science

Uma Bhatt, Tamara Harms, Simon Zwieback
T-Th 2:00–3:30
Location: Murie Auditorium



Spring semester

ESS 602 [1 cr.] Best Practices for Research in Alaska

Sarah Fowell
Monday 3:30–5:00
Location TBD

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Fall semester

ESS 692/492 [1 cr.] Earth System Science Seminar

Carl Tape
Friday 11:45–12:45
Location: Elvey Auditorium