Capturing Success: Celebrating the Achievements of J. Jason Lazarus

Image of Lazarus' published mordancage work | Photo courtesy of J. Jason Lazarus


We’re so excited to see this exhibition  from one of our fantastic & dedicated professors!

For more opportunities to see Lazarus’ work, currently his work is on display in 2 group exhibitions in-state: Rarefied Light 2023 at Kenai Peninsula College (in which his piece received an honorable mention) & 2023 Alaska Positive in Juneau. Both exhibitions will continue to travel the state throughout 2024. J. Jason Lazarus has served as a photographic educator at UAF since 2005, teaching & developing a wide range of courses in digital, alternative & traditional darkroom photography. Drop by Well Street Art Company on March 1st from 5-8pm for the opening of Resilient by Lazarus. Summed up in one word, Alaskans are resilient. A product of our harsh climes, we have been shaped by our surroundings & carry with us a stoic nature that is reflected in the place we call home. For many of its people, Alaska’s lonely landscapes, unwelcoming frigid tundra & tumultuous winter weather reflects its true beauty in a way no sublimely captured landscape could. This work intends to capture that deep connection & our unwavering character traits through our surroundings, showing a rarefied Alaska for Alaskans. In November, Resilient will be at the International Gallery for Contemporary Art in Anchorage. Additionally, 10 of Lazarus’ Mordançage prints will be included in the 2024 Pacific Northwest Viewing Drawers at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR. This inclusion in their viewing drawers features 60 artists from the PNW and lasts for an entire year. Blue Sky is one of the most respected galleries in the Northwest. This is the second time in 8 years that he has been featured as such in this gallery.