About CLA

A German foreign language class holds class on the campus lawn during a warm autumn afternoon. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris

Home to creative expression and critical thinking. We inspire students, faculty, and alumni to lead lives of achievement and meaning.

The College of Liberal Arts awards all types of degrees in many different majors. These programs are all part of the College of Liberal Arts because they are tied to the classic themes of arts, humanities, social sciences and languages. The College of Liberal Arts offers the largest number of degree programs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. With over 40 study areas offered, from anthropology to art, there is sure to be a program that is right for you.



CLA is an incubator for change makers, engaging all facets of the human spirit through the arts, humanities, social sciences, and languages. Our graduates enter the workforce with the drive, passion and most important experience that employers seek. Home to the academic core of UAF, our goal is to help you become a versatile, highly employable citizen for a modern and ever-changing world.  We are a highly-qualified bunch of rule-breakers who aren’t afraid to work outside of the box. We take great joy in our work and it shows.





Social Sciences



In 1917, the campus was a single two-story frame building and had just six students. Today, the University of Alaska Fairbanks has grown to nearly 9,000 students seeking everything from associate degrees to Ph.D.s. The College of Liberal Arts is a collection of departments in the arts, humanities, languages, and social sciences. With 17 departments and more than 40-degree programs, we are able to create a highly interdisciplinary academic environment, greatly influenced by our location in Fairbanks. 

Whether in an art studio or research lab, the College of Liberal Arts is always naturally inspiring.

More than 200 UAF students, staff, faculty and administrators turned out to participate in the 2013 Golden Days parade through downtown Fairbanks. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris




About UAF

Beneath the shimmering aurora. By the glow of your computer, anywhere in the world. Here, there are no limits to how you can learn.

There are places in this world where you are destined to discover who you truly are. Here at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, as wisdom passes from one generation to the next, revolutionary ideas are thriving and a new academic culture is taking shape. Smarter questions. Better answers.

The northern lights dance over the top of campus. Photo taken from the roof of Gruening. | UAF Photo by Zayn Roohi



With undergraduates making up 89 percent of the total student body, UAF is a hotbed of diversity and fresh thinking. Whether you're returning to school to start a new phase of your life or coming in as a recent high school graduate, you'll quickly make new friends with a similar drive to achieve. And, because our backyard is the vast environmental laboratory of Alaska, UAF attracts exceptional individuals — academic superstars and adventure-seekers alike.


UAF students climb in Denali National park during an Outdoor Adventures ice climbing class on Feb. 17, 2018. | UAF Photo by Zayn Roohi


With seven campuses across the state, we are home to more than 8,500 students from all over the world — each in pursuit of something extraordinary. Whether you're looking for a greater sense of purpose or a true sense of belonging, the UAF community lives authentically, believing that life is what you make of it, that knowledge is indeed power, and that a natural curiosity about the world around you will always be your best GPS.



Welcome to the University of Alaska Fairbanks — it may feel like you've journeyed far,

but in fact, this is where it all begins.


UAF students, staff, faculty, and community members gather at Troth Yeddha’ Park to commemorate the 2017 Indigenous Peoples Day at the Fairbanks campus. | UAF Photo by JR Ancheta

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, we are working on the unceded ancestral land of the Troth Yeddha', home of the Lower Tanana and Dené people who have stewarded these lands for thousands of years. We are thankful for their stewardship and their knowledge- past, present and future as they make our work at the University possible.