Special application instructions: Come Home to Alaska

Come Home to Alaska

The Come Home to Alaska program will allow students with parents or grandparents in Alaska to pay 
resident tuition rates, regardless of where those students live. For an undergraduate taking 30 credits a year, the annual savings will exceed $18,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a  parent, step-parent or grandparent (natural or adoptive) currently living in Alaska that qualifies as an Alaska resident, you're eligible for this program.

Proof of lineal descent can be established through a birth certificate or other vital records. You'll also need to provide proof of your parent or grandparent’s Alaska residency. The easiest way to show Alaska residency is by receipt of the Permanent Fund Dividend.

If your parent or grandparent is not receiving the PFD, then proof of an Alaska address together with Native corporation membership, voter registration or similar documentation of physical presence over a two year period will be accepted.

Submit a completed Application for Resident Tuition Assessment (PDF) form to the Office of Admissions along with documentation.
The program will continue as long you're continuously enrolled at UAF.
You'll need to move to and reside in Alaska during your course of study.
If you have any questions about applying to UAF or the Come Home to Alaska program, our admissions counselors are happy to help.